Redirected from Fuze Graphics is now Fuze Pack Agency. We’re still into Packaging but our primary focus is creating Packshots. If you need packaging design please contact us.

Packshot Design Agency

Packshots before print that save time & improve marketing.

We provide Brand & Marketing Managers with realistic, accurate packshots that help reduce time to market, greatly enhance product development & improve marketing efforts.

Let us show you how we can improve on your current product images.

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Packshots Boost Sales!

Improve sales potential with better product development and earlier marketing.

Make more informed decisions with accurate packshots during product development and save valueable time by getting advertising-ready packshots upon label approval so that you don’t have to wait for weeks or months for printed samples to send for product photography.

 More informed design decisions

 Better products to market faster

 Wow stakeholders

 Enhance marketing

 Improve sales potential

 Eliminate product photography

Realistic packshots infused with years of packaging experience.

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15+ Years in Packaging

Our work is backed by many years of packaging industry knowledge and expertise including packaging design and printing experience.

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Speed and Accuracy

Focusing on details and ensuring realistic, accurate results is our goal. And it gets done in record time as time is of the essence in product developement.

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FMCG Product Focus

We specialise in creating product images for Consumer Goods brands so we have dealt extensively with big product brands in this industry.

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International Service

Our service is truly global as it only requires an internet connection. At a minimum we can work with pictures and labels to get your packshots done.

Find out how we can improve your product developement, marketing and advertising.





Our Services

Fuze Pack is a Packshot Design Agency that creates high quality product visuals for web and print in Still & Animated formats for use in product development, marketing and advertising. These are our core services:

Fuze 3D Packshot Silver Black

3D Packshots

3D Packshots are product images or product photos used in product development, marketing and advertising as an accurate & realistic representation of the product.

Product Animations

Product Animations are short videos of products moving ( eg. rotating and zooming) in a desired way to attract user attention and to showcase a product’s packaging.

About us

Fuze Pack has worked in the packaging industry for more than 15 years. We have a passion for packaging and enjoy working on big brands in the FMCG industry. We have gained valueable packaging and print knowledge over the years which we utilise in our product visualisation work to improve our client’s product potential in the market.